Domenicali was not the first choice to become CEO of Formula 1

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Stefano Domanicali will start working as the new CEO of Formula 1 in 2021, succeeding Chase Carey. However, according to Kees van de Grint, the Italian was not the only and certainly not the first choice of F1.

The new Formula 1 CEO

Since the takeover of Liberty Media, Carey has taken over the reins. More and more Formula 1 races have been put on the calendar and with the new regulations for 2022 Carey’s stamp is clearly on the future of F1. Domanicali will replace him in 2021 and that is a good choice according to many.

”He was not the first choice, but a good one. He is a sympathetic and well-educated man. If you want a different line than Bernie Ecclestone used to take, he is the ideal man. Everyone can live with it, even if you have to watch out for knives in your back”, warns the former tyre expert of Bridgestone at RTL GP Slipstream.

Wolff or Domenicali

Toto Wolff still denies his chance at that spot, but according to Van de Grint, Wolff was indeed a candidate. ”Stefano was not the first choice. At least you had Toto and someone else. I know more about it, but I won’t go into that any further. However, as Toto, I would also say that I was not an option”.

According to Van de Grint, the fact that F1 opted for Domenicali and not for Mercedes’ team boss is also a good decision. ”I think this is a much better choice, certainly on a human and democratic level. I’m not saying that Toto wouldn’t be good as a leader, but then we would have followed Ecclestone’s line again”, Van de Grint points to the hard hand of the former Formula 1 boss.


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