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A very interesting discussion between Nico Rosberg and Paul Di Resta, a former Formula 1 driver who has become a consultant for Sky Sports, revealed that the probability of seeing Pierre Gasly at the wheel of a Red Bull next season is decreasing more and more.

Below is a transcript of the discussion between the Sky Sports F1 pundits:

Paul di Resta : “At the moment, Red Bull doesn’t have a driver with enough performance to be able to push Max Verstappen.”

Nico Rosberg : “But wait a second, Paul, there’s Pierre Gasly who is having an exceptional season. Given the performance he’s offering at the moment, I think it would make sense for him to be in a Red Bull next year.”

Paul di Resta : “We’re hearing certain things in the paddock right now.”

Nico Rosberg: “What are they?”

Paul di Resta: “It seems that Gasly has upset some managers at Red Bull.”

Nico Rosberg: “For example? Who exactly?”

Paul di Resta : ” I think you might have the answer, Nico.”

Nico Rosberg: “I also know that we’re talking about Perez, but I don’t think it’s the best solution. Of the two, I would choose Gasly.”

Paul di Resta : “I also think that Gasly really deserves to be given another chance. I think he has done enough good things to be trusted again.”

Certainly, we reported last year on Gasly’s less than savoury public comments of Red Bull Motorsport consultant Dr Helmut Marko following the demotion of the Frenchman to Toro Rosso (now Alpha Tauri). Soon after demotion, Gasly made some remarkable comments about his Red Bull motorsport boss.

Pierre explained in an interview that the Austrian was not completely honest with him, and also believes that no measures have been put in place to allow him to improve his results.

“Helmut Marko had promised me many things, in particular, that the car would be modified and nothing was done,

“I was really frustrated by those six months at Red Bull. I have not been able to fully deploy my abilities and I have not been given the means to do so,

“He [Marko] also told me several times that I will stay on the team until the end of the season. He has not kept any of his promises,

“All this obviously upset me, but I decided to focus on myself. Everything I have experienced this year will be a lesson to me.”

Perhaps going public with such a force in the F1 paddock such as Marko, wasn’t such a great idea Pierre?

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