Deutschland Tour 2018 in cycling

FutureNet is an official partner of this event. We will support stage number 3 of Deutschland Tour 2018, from Trier to Merzig which will be held on August 25. It’s a result of cooperation with local Ministry of Sport in Saarland, Germany.
Four stages. More than 700 km to go in four days. Eleven teams and only one winner. That’s the numbers of Deutschland Tour 2018.
It will be for sure a great adventure for riders and for supporters gathered on the whole route. The winner can be only one and is yet to be known but now we know one. It will be a great part of cycling on the on demanding, difficult, but also giving an opportunity to speed up a route.
This year’s edition will be held in August 23 to 26 and will have four stages: from Koblenz to Bonn (August 23, 157 km to go), from Bonn to Trier (August 24, 196 km to go), from Trier to Merzig (August 25, 177 km to go) and from Lorsch to Stuttgart (August 26, 207 km to go). Counted together, they give a distance of 737 km to pass.
Deutschland Tour 2018 final results.
On August 26, the Deutschland Tour 2018 was completed. In the end, the rider from Slovenia Matej Mohoric (Team Bahrain-Merida) managed to win. Second place belongs to Nils Pollit from Germany and his countryman Maximilian Schachmann finished third.

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