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Four days, two games – it was a busy time for Dutch football team FC Den Bosch. The crew supported by FutureNet had a mixed luck in its last two games.

On Friday, April 19th, FC Den Bosch was the host of the game against Jong FC Utrecht – currently the worst teams in the league. Surprisingly, young players from Utrecht were a very tough opponent for our team and the game went not like it was supposed, meaning quite easy for FC Den Bosch. Our team opened the score with the goal of Brouwers in the 10th minute but guests equalized 8 minutes later with the goal scored by Venema.

Players of FC Den Bosch were a little bit surprised with the quality proved by their rival. As a result, the game turned to be very even and none of the teams was able to build any significant advantage. Both sides had their scoring opportunities but in the end, were missing the luck. And in the last 10 minutes, the game went just crazy. In the 87th minute, bench player from FC Den Bosch van der Sande scored the goal and gave his team the lead 2:1. It seemed that FC Den Bosch will score a win, very hard earned, though. But Jong FC Utrecht managed to strike again, in additional time. Van Rooijen scored the goal in the 93th (!) minute and saved a point for his team. And FC Den Bosch lost certain win…

On Monday, April 21st, FC Den Bosch played its next game – this time away with Cambuur SC. This time, the team from Den Bosch was out of luck. In the 1st half, the game was even for most of the time and FC Den Bosch defended well but in the 34rd minute Vaisanen scored an own goal. That was a serious blow for his team. Later during the game, was trying to find its rhytm on the pitch. But again, Cambur SC was able to hit painfuly and destroy all hopes of our team. In the 6nd minute, Steenvoorden raised the score to 2:0 for the hosts and set the final result of the game. Cambuur had also a penalty kick given, but FC Den Boach goalie van der Steen defended his shot.

After this results, FC Den Bosch is now in trouble. The team fell down from the spot in the table which guarantees the right to play in the play off round. Our team is now 6th and loses 2 points to the 5th place, currently occupied by Almere City FC. With just 2 games left to play this season (against Roda Kerkrade and Go Ahead Eagles), FC Den Bosch must put the pedal to the medal and score the all the points, and also count for any failure of its closest opponent.Friday, April 19thFC Den Bosch – Jong FC UtrechtGoals for FC Den Bosch: Brouwers (10.), van der Sande (87.). Monday, April 21stCambuur SC – FC Den Bosch 2:0

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