David Coulthard: Sebastian Vettel is a “spent force”

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Ferrari made their position perfectly clear before the start of this season when they announced Vettel’s contract, which expires at the end of this year, would not be extended and that Carlos Sainz will replace him for 2021.

Nevertheless, Aston Martin – which is taking over Racing Point as a works outfit next season – announced in September it was signing Vettel as part of its ambitious plans to rise up the F1 totem pole, although Coulthard believes the version of the German they are getting is unlikely to be capable of the necessary performances.

“Seb is a spent force,” he told Channel 4. “He was a four-time World Champion but that’s in the past and this is very much about the now and the future.

“There is nothing [Vettel] can do to influence the overall design of the car, he’s not a designer, but the driver is still the voice of the car. You want the fastest voice talking about the car though, not the slowest.

“Seb has been outside the top 10 now for several races and yeah…it’s over. You hope he finds his form at Racing Point but I doubt it.”

At the age of 33, Vettel is no spring chicken, but going by the careers of previous champions, should still have plenty left in the tank. However, Vettel seems to have lost his spark for racing, and Coulthard doubts he can get it back.

“Well you can never say never,” he said. “But I just don’t see what would be different going to a mid-grid team that is going to reignite the passion.”

Source: grandprix247.com; planetf1.com

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