Identifying a lot of pressing issues currently riddling many cryptocurrency trading platforms, DARB Finance brings a comprehensive, user-friendly, and secure platform that makes trading a whole lot more convenient. More than just an exchange, DARB offers a fully-fledged ecosystem for managing, trading, and taking care of your portfolio, as well as a chance to learn from the professionals.


First and foremost, DARB Finance (https://darbfihnance.com) offers a very easy-to-use, comprehensive, and secure trading platform. Amongst its core features are speed, security, and convenience. The platform takes advantage of a matching engine which is capable of sustaining 3,700,000 orders per second, making it one of the fastest exchanges currently on the market.

DARB Finance has also gone through thorough penetration tests, audits, and has been put under the highest industry standards. To elevate security, the platform also features 2-factor authenticators, confirmations via verified email address, same browser login, new device login confirmation, and so forth.

One of the key things to consider when choosing an exchange are the fees. After all, they do form an integral part of your expenses. DARB Finance prides itself as being one of the efficient trading platforms as it only has 0.05% fee for market makers and 0.2% fees for takers.

The platform is also supporting certain fiat-to-crypto trades with currencies such as the EUR. USD, KRW, and CNY will be introduced shortly.

In addition, the platform comes with additional features such as:

  • Margin Trading
  • Spot Trading
  • Wide list of trading assets
  • Demo accounts


The DARB wallet is another one of the platform’s strong suits. It is particularly light and users can download and access it in a matter of seconds. The wallet supports multiple blockchains, as well as ERC20 tokens.

One of its unique features is the smart contract control center. The wallet guarantees that no one has or will have access to your assets at all times. Another very interesting feature is the fact that you can order a debit card which will allow you to take advantage of cryptocurrencies in your daily life.

The wallet is not tied to the exchange and it is also available as a browser plugin. Users can easily export to a cold wallet for elevated security if that’s something they are looking for.


Active management of your portfolio is absolutely critical. DARB Finance’s portfolio manager will allow you to comprehensively monitor your progress as it will integrate your token- and coin-based holdings. It also comes with certain risk-management tools.

Understanding the importance of mutual support, the platform enables people to learn from one another. For instance, if a user sees that the value of his portfolio is increasing, others are likely to want to know what is it that makes him profit. The platform enables the portfolio holder to set a certain percentage increases for share and others can pay with tokens to the portfolio owner.


DARB Finance places special attention on educational materials. Being fairly nascent, the cryptocurrency field, in general, poses a lot of questions to many users. Being successful on the market requires thorough knowledge and a lot of awareness regarding the current state of different cryptocurrencies, ongoing changes, and so forth.

This is why DARB Finances has established a serious knowledge-based platform, including materials, tutorials, podcasts, and webinars on different coin basics, asset specifications, trading tactics, and whatnot.

Additionally, the platform allows for quick and easy social media and news monitoring for traders to be able to react quickly and on time.

One of the platform’s most distinct features is that it allows users to issue their own personal tokens based on the ERC20 standard. DARB Finance will transfer the ownership over the smart contract to an ethereum address which is provided by the user to guarantee ownership authenticity.

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