Daniel Ricciardo nearing Renault dream. It’s not all good news for his boss

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Daniel Ricciardo is growing increasingly confident that he can ink his Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul before the F1 season is out.

Ricciardo will leave Renault for McLaren at the end of the year but is hoping to give Abiteboul a Honey Badger tattoo before leaving for good.

To do so, he must stand on an F1 podium in Renault’s black and yellow as part of a bet the pair made at the start of the season.

And while the chances of that happening looked slim initially, an upturn in Renault’s performance means it could now be just a matter of time.

Ricciardo’s worst result in the last four races was sixth at the Italian Grand Prix, while he finished just one place off the podium at Silverstone, Spa and Mugello.

Abiteboul was initially nervous at the prospect of Ricciardo pulling it off, but the 31-year-old told Motorsport Australia that now the Renault boss can’t wait.

“At first, I think he was very nervous and now I would say I’ve never seen someone look so excited at the thought of getting a tattoo,” Ricciardo said ahead of this weekend’s Eifel Grand Prix.

“Obviously it’s been a little talking point and it’s been exciting to think about the idea of it happening.

“We have come close and I really believe … if I keep going at this level — and I know the team is doing their part — but if I remain consistent driving at the level which I know I am at the moment, then I do believe we will get an opportunity (to claim a podium), something will arise.

“If I’m doing what I’m doing now, I’ll put myself in a position to take it before the year is out. I’ve just got to keep it up.

“For us this year has been awesome, it is what we really expected by year two and now it’s coming through nicely.”

The conditions of the bet stipulate that Abiteboul can choose the placement and size of the tattoo while Ricciardo can pick the design.

Ricciardo said he hasn’t settled on a design yet, but wants his nickname to feature in some way.

“The coolest thing in a way is some form of Honey Badger, but we will see,” Ricciardo said.

“I kind of figured, obviously if it does happen, probably the track we do it at or the country we are in, it could be symbolic for something.

“Or it might be something ‘Oh, that marks the spot here’ so lets get that.”

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