Dalong Wallet

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Digital asset management expert, safe and easy to use multi-chain wallet, secure storage, reliable circulation.

Dalong Wallet is Decentralized Secure Wallet including BTC/ETH/EOS/TRX/VSYS, Multi-chain DApp Browser, Cross-chain Instant Exchange Network.

Committed to creating the most convenient and powerful fully decentralized digital asset wallet in the world. Since the team was formed, it has been aiming at building the most stable infrastructure, constantly optimizing and adding wallet functions. It is a wallet worthy of worldwide use:

  • Secure, trustworthy: a decentralized wallet that doesn’t require registration, no need to bind personally identifiable information, import wallet to operate all functions, maximizing the privacy of your assets.
  • Support for multiple public chains: BTC/ETH/EOS/TRX/VSYS public chain, and more than 2000 currency tokens are now supported, and more mainstream public chains will be opened in the future.
  • Instance exchange with the optimal exchange rate: horizontally compare multiple exchanges and select the optimal exchange rate. 1-20 minutes of lightning exchange speed, to ensure the safety of funds, to provide you with the smoothest trading process.

Note: the invitee must fill in the invitation code correctly in order to be successful in earning returns.

Download the latest version of Dalong Wallet for Android or iOS and copy the invitation code: 6571d97e

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