Crypto Kanoon Turns 2, Grows to Become Prominent Crypto News and Analysis Firm in India

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One of India’s leading crypto news and analysis platforms, Crypto Kanoon, is celebrating its 2nd birthday today, and on occasion, it has shared its journey on various social networks so far. At the moment, Crypto Kanoon holds an influential position in the Indian crypto industry, with a strong presence on various social networks like YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, and more.

Interestingly, Crypto Kanoon came into existence on the same day when the Reserve Bank of India released the infamous circular prohibiting commercial banks from serving to crypto-related businesses and transactions. Since then, the Indian crypto community had been on a two-year-long legal battle with the RBI that ended last month, when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the industry.

The platform continued to raise the issue of the RBI ban order and worked hard to create awareness among the industry, while also providing essential information and analysis about the industry. Crypto Kanoon has, in fact, maintained a record of raising issues and shedding light on the topics that few others do.

Recently, Crypto Kanoon interviewed Adv. Ashim Sood, the lawyer who presented the crypto community in the Supreme Court. It will be posted soon, in which Adv. Sood demystifies the apex court’s judgment.

“We are happy to announce that the most awaited interview of the year 2020 will be released tomorrow. On 06-04-2018, the RBI banking ban came into existence and it’s a beautiful coincidence that on 06-04-2020 advocate Ashim Sood will demystify judgment himself.”

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