Coulthard is afraid F1 will lose its magic: “It shouldn’t be like IndyCar”

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In an attempt to reduce costs and create a fairer battle, more and more parts of Formula 1 will be standardized in the coming years. Although he does understand where this comes from, David Coulthard believes that the sport is playing a dangerous game with this.

According to the Scotsman, it goes against almost everything Formula 1 stands for; the fastest cars in the world thanks to innovative technology. Moreover, he believes that the best team just has to win in order to seriously talk about professional sport. “I’m a little worried about any idea of punishing success”, referring to the handicap system that was announced. As a result top teams will have less time to use the wind tunnel.

The development of faster cars thanks to innovative technology should always be maintained, according to Coulthard. As soon as Formula 1 loses this and in the search for exciting races will no longer have the fastest cars, the popularity of the sport will also decrease. He makes a comparison with the space program of Elon Musk.

“It shouldn’t get too IndyCar-like, IndyCar doesn’t have the same number of fans as Formula 1 worldwide. That’s because it’s not space-age like F1. Look at the enormous enthusiasm around SpaceX. That’s because it’s magical, it sends people into the unknown. That magic must be there in Formula 1 as well. People have to think ‘how on earth did they manage that'”, said the thirteen-time Grand Prix winner against


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