Could it be better for Aston Martin Red Bull Racing in Azerbaijan?

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The whole weekend wasn’t fortunate for Aston Martin Red Bull Racing drivers, and the last race wasn’t lucky either for our boys.

Pierre Gasly had to start from the pitlane. He managed to climb as high as 6th place, but on the 40th lap, his car stopped. As it turned out, he ran out of power. That was the end of the race for our Frenchman.

Max Verstappen also wasn’t the luckiest one. The Dutch driver was on the fourth spot, but he was faster than drivers ahead of him. It seemed like it would take him minutes to make a place on the podium. Unfortunately, his car wasn’t at its best either. He had problems with brakes. However, he managed to secure the 4th place in the end. Once again, Verstappen was very close to the podium, but something happened.

We hope that the next GP will be a little more fortunate for Aston Martin Red Bull Racing drivers.

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