Coinbase revealed who will receive Crypto Community Fund grants

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US crypto exchange, Coinbase, just announced who will be the recipients of its Crypto Community Fund grants. The grants are given to Bitcoin developers who can contribute the most to the advancement of the coin’s underlying technology.

Who won the grants?

Originally announced in October of this year, the grants are set to reward those with the best ideas for improving Bitcoin’s blockchain. The exchange’s advisory board reviewed multiple developers and their work, and it selected several of them to receive monetary incentives.

The first two developers to receive the grants are Joao Barbosa, and a developer known only as 0xB10C. According to the exchange, 0xB10C — who created — will be working on a software fork visualizer, developed for Bitcoin’s Signet testnet.

This is a tool that will allow users to monitor all updates to Bitcoin’s software. The tool is also expected to be particularly useful for Bitcoin’s Taproot upgrade.

The second developer, Barbosa, actually used to receive funding from Bitmain, a major mining company. However, since that source of income was cut off — for him and others — he will undoubtedly find Coinbase’s grants to be quite helpful for the continuation of his work.

That work revolves around improving the Bitcoin Core UI, as he aims to make it easier for users to access advanced functions. Until now, such functions were only available to those who know how to use command lines.

Barbosa aims to change this and make it more user-friendly. Furthermore, the advisory board is aware and appreciative of his previous work regarding code reviewing.

While very helpful for continued improvement of the Bitcoin (BTC) ecosystem, grants do not provide developers with a steady source of income. The funding can be cut off, as it happened with Bitmain, and many developers end up working either partially funded, or not at all.


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