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There is a world among us, invisible to the naked eye. In this world there is a mysterious danger. Pick up your phone and join the fight!

Become a part of the first of it’s kind mobile game that colifes the world of crypto with Augmented Reality. Join the BETA tests, and help us improve the world of Coin Off Mine.

DISCLAIMER! Payout of cryptocurrency won’t be available in the BETA version of the game. However, coming soon to the App store is the full version of Coin Off Mine in which you will be able to hunt for, and payout real crytpocurrency!


There is a world, that nobody sees. In this world there is a battle we are currently losing. Help us save our planet from War Machines, mysterious robots that try to take control of earth and it’s inhabitants by accumulating enormous wealth. Join the fight! Save the world and earn real cryptocurrencies! 

What happens when augmented reality meets Cryptocurrency world? We have answered this question, and come up with a great idea for a game. Meet CoinOffMine, an Augmented Reality (AR), location based mobile game that takes you outside around the city and gives you an opportunity to gain real cryptocurrency – FuturoCoin Tokens!


White robot

The smallest and the weakest fella from the rival company, the BlockchainBusters Robot Factory™. However, do not assume he is weak! His crab-like legs do not only serve for standing but also can strike you hard, remember to watch for his attacks and do your best to block them. After first tests, they have discovered that it is possible to defeat him with bare hands. That is why, after research, they changed his armor, because Ammelinium™ is not as strong as they thought, and it cannot be painted.

Yellow robot

He’s a little bit bigger than his WHITE cousin. The difference in color comes with different material used for armor – Copperinium. This material is durable and more resistant, and you will have to use a weapon to harm him. However, our Future Weapon Factory™ research team discovered that the material they used to upgrade his armor is very shakeable, that is why our basic weapon – SwitchBlade™ should do the job.

Black robot

The latest, but probably not the final version of BlockchainBusters Robot. Again, it’s durability was enhanced, Carbon NanoTubes alloys were used to create it’s almost indestructible armor. Remember, when you want to fight this big boy, you have to use a weapon. After our tests we can recommend Expandable Baton™, however, if you don’t want to take any chances, use Electric Saw. Black War Machine is usually a sign of a big reward, so good luck!



A man’s best friend. Easy to use, easy to carry. Can make all the difference against a strong opponent.

Expandable Baton

Standard issue riot weapon of every police officer. It’s easy to conceal and can make a hell of a damage in the right hands.

Electric Saw

The most powerful weapon in the CoinOffMine world. It combines the swiftness of a traditional sword with a power of a chainsaw. Build with cutting edge carbon alloys it’s the only effective weapon against the black robots.


Simple but effective. Saves a lot of time during mining coins.


A standard tool of every miner. It makes mining coins a lot easier and faster.

Demolition Hammer

Don’t waste your time mining coins, get the Demolition Hammer. It may be an expensive piece of hardware, but masters of the game understand how important can be a good tool.


Download the game at Google Play or App Store. Register or login with your FutureNet account. Once logged in you will see a map of your location. Look for small coins in your surroundings or use your compass to get the location of a big coins, for this you will need to charge your compass up to level three in a Charging Stations around you.

Once you locate the big coin you will face one of the War Machines. The difficulty of the opponent depends on the value of said coin. Fighting occurs in Augmented Reality. Point your device in the enemy direction.Tap as fast as you can to attack or tap with two fingers to block. Once you beat the War Machine you will be able to mine the big coin from the rock. You can use one of the tools to fasten the process. If you lose all of your Life Points you will lose the battle with the War Machine. You will be reverted to the map, and will have to refill your life points in Equipment, there, you can also buy various tools and weapons.


After logging in, you will see yourself on map on your current position. Around you will see FuturoCoins and “radar charging points” which, in turn, will charge your radar which will lead you to WarMachine. Use camera from your mobile phone to catch FTO and fight with machines which will reward you with even bigger amount of cryptocurrency.

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