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Download the application and see how easy and tailored to your needs can communication be. Carry secure business chats or just have fun! FNtalk – the way you want it!

Fast and transparent

FNtalk is a special messenger for the FutureNet community. You can use it to text, call and make a new contact – an exchange of thoughts will happen exactly in such a pace you like to act, and a clear interface won’t let you be lost. Talk with no limits!


You don’t have to worry anymore about some of your texts, photos or confidential data being seen on the screen. A clever system of notifications is made to secure a privacy of users in a maximum scale. Also your conversations aren’t watched followed. FNtalk gives you freedom!

Your way

Express yourself with FNtalk! No matter if you want to flirt, contact your business partner or discuss something in a group – you will do that the way you like. Do personalize your groups, manage notifications, have fun and work!

FNtalk mobile app

Learn its advantages:

Be in a friends pack

Create as many group chats, as you like! Group conversations will effectively clarify a communication and simplify thoughts exchange with your friends and co-workers. You will manage your groups easily – decide how they look and function like for your best convenience. Add and remove them freely.

Feel safe

Do you establish confidential information with your co-worker, organize a surprise event or have a private conversation? FNtalk allows you to create secret chat rooms – you can talk freely! You no longer have to worry about someone having access to your messenger content.

How and where you want

Thanks to FNtalk you can talk on your mobile device – regardless on its system, as it work both with Android and iOS. Notifications will make you staying tuned, and on your mobile application you will do exactly everything what on the web version, and even more!

Express yourself

The FNtalk mobile application is not only about conversations! With its help you’ll take a photo or record a video, and share it with anyone you want. This functionality is not only useful when you have a casual chat, but also at the time of business talk.

FNtalk – social widget

Learn its use:

Send files

Share content the way you like! By using FNtalk you will send e-documents, pictures, graphics, videos, memes and other files in a safe way. Nobody else has an access to them, apart from you and their receivers.

Contact whom you want

The FNtalk allows you to quickly find someone you want. The application will automatically add people who are joining your network to your contacts. In addition you can talk to anyone who is using a FN platform, not only people added to the list of your contacts. Make new friends! You have also a possibility to block users you don’t want to chat with.

Our users

~ Emil

I don’t have anything bad to say – it works just fine and there’s nothing more I need. FNtalks is great to communicate on the FutureNet platform. And beyond that I really like the fact there is also good mobile application, so I can talk everywhere!

~ Victor

Wow, this is something new! At last I don’t have to leave my phone with its screen facing a table down in order to people wouldn’t read a message I get. Beyond that it’s cool that FN respects our privacy. I’m glad we can finally use our own messenger, not to mention it’s really efficient.

~ Lena

This app is perfect to talk to everyone from my community on the FutureNet platform, and in addition it doesn’t freeze too much, and gives a lot of opportunities. The biggest advantage is that I can talk freely – without worrying that someone will read my message by accident seeing its part on the phone screen. Conversations aren’t also read and listened.

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