Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Shares Updates on Goguen and DSLs Smart Contracts

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The creator of Cardano who also doubles as the CEO of Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), Charles Hoskinson, has been posting several updates to communicate recent developments in different areas of the Cardano blockchain projects, however, the investor in a video highlighted updates on project Goguen and DSLs Smart Contracts.

Hoskinson said Goguen is close to a big release, he further explained that the Cardano blockchain would by the end of the month make some disclosure regarding the realities of the project and mention some particular dates on which some release would be made to give the Cardano lovers an insight of where the project is headed.

The Cardano boss further elucidated that the proposed updated slated for month-end will give the community more hints about Cardano’s’ stand on issues relating to partnerships and the blockchain’s intentions on how its developer ecosystem around the new framework for smart contracts and dApps will advance as soon as possible.

Cardano’s Moves to Secure Network Scaling

The Cardano founder further spoke on topics relating to scaling the network in the future, he referred to recent research conducted at Stanford University where two potentially condemnatory vulnerabilities in the Ethereum’s Casper Proof of Stake protocol were revealed. Hoskinson said the cause could be found in the complexity of the Ethereum 2.0 system.

He pointed out that the IOHK will prefer to enact a simpler solution with Hydra. Hydra will allow the Cardano Network scale in the face of proliferated users, said Hoskinson. He added that there won’t be unpleasant surprises to blindside the crypto community like that of Stanford University.

Speaking further, Hoskinson reiterated that future developments on the Cardano’s smart contracts will particularly focus on security issues, the mathematician declared that developers will be given frameworks on which to write secure smart contracts and for this reason, the Cardano Network will develop several Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) to screen smart contracts and identify certified smart contracts.

Nonetheless, Hoskinson concluded by assuring the community that the Cardano Blockchain has incredible features in stock to offer the crypto community as the network has plans to extend the DSLs services to experts in the medical, legal, and financial arenas.


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