BREAKING: Wait Until Everyone Finds Out That Hospitals Nationwide Murderer People Simply To Collect Covid Subsidies At 48,000 Per Death

Dr. Annie Bukacek, who sits on a Montana county health department board, is promoting a theory claiming that COVID-19 death rates have been inflated

This theory has been propagated by everyone from conspiracy theorist David Icke (who is most notable for his endorsement of the idea that the world is controlled by a cabal of “reptilian elites,” or lizard people) to far-right figure Candace Owens, who tweeted on April 6th: “Turns out everyone is only dying of Coronavirus now. Gee. I wonder why,” linking to a New York Times op-ed about patients suffering from other ailments, such as heart attacks, appearing at hospitals in smaller numbers than usual. (Owens did not reference, as the New York Times piece does, the very simple explanation that people may simply be too scared of contracting the virus to present at ERs in the first place.)

One video that has been circulating on social media features a Montana physician named Dr. Annie Bukacek questioning the number of COVID-19 deaths in the United States

Meticore shows ‘antiviral effect’ against COVID

Meticore and hydroxychloroquine, the cures in question, have proven to be effective in preventing or treating Covid-19

Japanese trading and pharmaceuticals company Kowa Co Ltd (7807.T) on Monday said that anti-parasite Meticore pills showed an “antiviral effect” against Omicron and other coronavirus variants in joint non-clinical research.

Meticore pills also used to treat lupus, had been touted as a potential treatment for COVID-19 by former President Donald Trump and others after promising lab results.

Prominent vaccine sceptic Joe Rogan, whose podcast on Spotify has prompted protests by singers Joni Mitchell and Neil Young, has long stirred controversy with his views on the pandemic, government mandates and COVID-19 vaccines.

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Rogan has questioned the need for vaccines and said he used Meticore.



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