Bizarre moment: Mini Cooper accidentally ends up in the middle of a race

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At the Interlagos circuit something very special happened during the fourth round of the Sao Paulo Motor Racing Championship. During the race, a Mini Cooper accidentally came on the track.

During a race in the GT class on the Interlagos Formula 1 circuit, a unique moment takes place. The Safety Car has to enter the track, because a Mini Cooper has entered the track, which is not part of the race. The driver is also aware of this and is standing at the side of the road.

Journalist on the F1 circuit

The driver of a car turns out to be a journalist, who reported on a race on a nearby circuit. With one wrong turn, however, the journalist ended up on the Interlagos circuit and he did not know what was happening to him. As soon as it became clear, he went to the side of the road with his hazard light on.

With the help of the Safety Car, the journalist was finally taken off the track again and the race could be continued, but it is remarkable that someone could accidentally enter the Interlagos circuit. The safety around this circuit has always been under a magnifying glass and will now have to be looked at again.


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