Bitcoin Price May Break $20,000 Very Soon as Investors Flood into BTC

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With the Bitcoin halving coming closer (in about a week), more and more investors seem to be jumping on the BTC bandwagon.

Despite the fact that Bitcoin failed to make the final leap to cross $10,000, one crypto trader and popular YouTuber states that reaching $20,000 is a matter of time due to the halving.

‘It’s only a matter of time before $20,000 is broken!’

Trader @TheMoonCarl has tweeted that the amount of non-zero Bitcoin addresses has now broken the 30 bln figure. Now, seeing the quickly growing number of investors buying Bitcoin, he states that breaking $20,000 for Bitcoin is only a matter of time.

“BREAKING: The number of non-zero #Bitcoin addresses just reached an ATH of above 30 million addresses! People are flooding into $BTC right now! It’s only a matter of time before $20,000 is broken!”

The data seems to be originally taken from Glassnode. The new ATH of non-zero Bitcoin addresses totals 30,092,209.000.

‘Buying millions of USD worth of BTC’

Chief of River Financial Alexander Leishman has also shared a chart that confirms that people have been buying more Bitcoin prior to the halving.

Popular crypto podcaster buys BTC

Popular cryptocurrency podcaster @CryptoCharles__ has taken to Twitter to share his news of accumulating 0.1 BTC.

“OMFG I can’t believe I finally stacked 0.1 Bitcoin. It’s been such a beautiful journey with you guys. Love this industry so fucking much, Bitcoin is the only thing I ever think about anymore.”

Is Bitcoin going down again?

Trader @blockchainblitz has shared a chart from which it is clear that he expects Bitcoin to decline again and sees three targets for the descend – for the short/mid and long term. The closest is $7,650. The furthest is located in the $5,250 area.

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