Bitcoin (BTC) Price Ready to Destroy $10,000 Level Any Minute Now

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Bitcoin has pumped almost twenty percent over the past twenty-four hours, adding around $1,000 to its value.

At the time of writing, the world’s most prominent cryptocurrency is trading at $9,214, having retreated from the $9,300 zone. Still many, including Bitcoin educator and YouTuber IvanOnTech, believe that Bitcoin is targeting areas beyond $10,000 and could break that level very soon.

‘Ready to destroy $10,000 any minute now’

IvanOnTech expects Bitcoin to rise above the $10,000 resistance soon, reminding the community that BTC is the top-performing asset this year so far.

The CEO of Pantera Capital, Dan Morehead, has also shared a table that compares Bitcoin’s performance to that of other top assets this year. He says that Bitcoin was born during a financial crisis and will become even stronger in the current one.

$11,500 per one BTC due to FOMO?

Cryptocurrency trader ‘Anondran’ believes that among the things pushing Bitcoin up at the moment is FOMO (fear of missing out). In his semi-joking prediction, he recommends FOMO buyers back off, otherwise, Bitcoin may easily reach $11,500.

“Should we tell the fomo buyers to calm down or is this thing going straight to $11500? $BTC”

‘I doubt BTC will stay above $10,000’

In his recent tweet, technical analyst and Forbes contributor Naeem Aslam writes that even with the Bitcoin price on fire today, and a chance of the approaching halving pushing BTC above the $10,000 level, he doubts Bitcoin will remain so high for long.

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