Bitcoin (BTC) Price Going to $13,000, It Can’t Be Ignored

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After recovering from the March 12 collapse, Bitcoin has jumped above and below the $7,000 threshold several times. However, on April 23, the flagship cryptocurrency actually started its price action, leaving $7,092 behind.

On April 28, Tuesday, Bitcoin started moving up from the $7,777 level and has now reached $7,925.

The next big levels traders are hoping to see it reach are $9,000 and $13,000.

‘Bitcoin is going to $13,000’

Trader known as ‘Galaxy’ on Twitter believes that the major cryptocurrency is heading as high as $13,000 – the level close to which BTC was last seen in July 2019.

Next BTC target is $9000’

Trader @AnondranCrypto reckons that Bitcoin has completed its long and deep retracement and is now going to move in the $9,000 direction.

“62% Golden retracement complete. Next target $9000 for $BTC”

On March 12, the Bitcoin price collapsed losing over fifty percent in several hours and continued declining on March 13, pulling all of the altcoins down with it. The day came to be known as ‘Black Thursday’. On those days, BTC collapsed from the $7,300 zone and briefly touched $3,800.

Trader ‘Satoshi Flipper’ is of the opinion that after flipping the $7,800 resistance, Bitcoin won’t lose it.

“$BTC 7800 was v strong resistance & we finally flipped it. If you think we’re just going to lose it now, then I have a bridge to sell you. And if you weren’t shorting 7800 resistance but now you’re shorting support because we pumped, then I have a few more bridges to sell you.”


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