Banners App

Banners App – FutureNet New Smartphone Application! The world’s largest brands (companies) are already included. You will be able to download from Google Play (it should work via the web).

It’s an app where we make money by displaying ads on your smartphone. 


The platform was designed specifically for smartphone users. With Banners App, users will be able to show ads exactly to them, and users can create their own ads, share a registration link, register new users, and make money with their partners in the structure. The user can also customize the ad rate for their partners.

What app offers?

• Personalized banner ads;

• Statistics and earnings per day / week.

• control the frequency of advertising banners • the ability to go to the advertiser’s page and buy the goods;

• Earnings due to registrations via Reg.

• bonuses for showing ads to your partners in the structure;

• Payments in crypts;

• User-friendly and intuitive interface.

The Banners app makes it easy to make money by displaying banner ads. Platforms: Android, Web site. The loner salary will be up to $ 5 a week.

5 level pays… 8%, 4%, 1%, 1%, 1%. What is great, if you already have the structure in Futurenet Club, you have another income!!!

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