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This race has a long and great history, and is also always very exciting! On June 20th, the great 24-hours race on the legendary Nurburgring track will start with Axcil Jefferies on the starting list. 

Axcil Jefferies, a racer supported by FuturoCoin cryptocurrency and a member of FutureNet Sport family, will be one of the drivers from Konrad Motorsport team in Nurburgring. The race will start on June 20th and will last 3 days, until June 23rd. Our friend will be the driver of the powerful racing car Lamborghini Squadra Corse.

Around 230 cars will start in the qualifying session and 200 will be allowed to race. Each car can be shared by up to 4 drivers. There’s also a limit of 150 minutes of constant driving for each of them, and the driver must be observed for at least 2 hours before being able to sit behind the steering wheel again.

The race circuit will be 25 kilometres long and marked out from Nordschleife and Grand Prix Circuit segments on Nurburgring race track. It’s also worth to mention that this 24-hours race has a long tradition, as its first edition was organised in 1970! It’s an official international race aimed mostly for amateurs equipped with great racing skills.

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