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It was a show of great racing skills and also an incredible determination of a whole team. Last week, Axcil Jefferies who’s supported by FuturoCoin together with his crew raced in the prestigious 24-hours race in Nurburgring, Germany.

The 24-hours race requires a lot of skills, but also a deep focus and great teamwork. Every single piece inside the team must fit perfectly to each other. And Konrad Motorsport, the team of Axcil Jefferies, had it all in Nurburgring.

Axcil, together with his teammates, was doing a great job. After 17 hours of racing, he was on the 10th position among 160 cars in total! But on Sunday, they had to swallow a very bitter pill. It was all due to the damage of the car because of which Konrad Motorsport car was withdrawn from the competition. What a bad luck!

Despite this unsuccessful ending of the racing time in Nurburgring, Axcil Jefferies proved once again his amazing racing class. We keep our fingers crossed for his next races!

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