Artur Kozłowski

In theory, darts is a simple game that works on many occasions that provides a lot of sports joy and passion. But in fact, it’s just a theory. And darts also can become a true passion for life. Artur Kozłowski is an example of how the love for the darts can open the way to an interesting sports career.
Artur Kozłowski is 30-year-old talented player supported by FutureNet who turned darts into his way of life. During his sports adventure, Artur has achieved a lot of success. In 2018, he was a member of the team which won The Silesia Championship in Poland and also was a runner-up in Polish Championship.
In previous years, Artur Kozłowski won several bronze medals in Polish Grand Prix tournaments, he was a Silesia Champion once and scored many wins in dart’s doubles pairs competitions. And we’re sure that he didn’t say his last word and will try to reach for more.

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