‘Amy failed MN and now George is dead and the city is BURNING’: Amy Klobuchar applauding Chauvin’s arrest BACKFIRES

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Amy Klobuchar, the woman who failed to intervene during her years as a prosecutor in Minnesota, was very happy about Derek Chauvin’s arrest. She was super giddy about the whole justice thing …

Except really, the first step towards justice should have taken place years ago but Amy looked the other way.

But tell us how you really feel, Smug.

So true.

And Biden is thinking about making this woman his VP pick?



Look at me! I care NOW!

Eeek, bite your tongue!

She did.

From the New York Times:

Senator Amy Klobuchar swept into office in 2007 as a former tough prosecutor, boasting of how she had reduced crime in the biggest county in Minnesota. But as protests over George Floyd’s death in police custody bring chaos and violence to Minneapolis, her seven-year record as prosecutor there is facing renewed scrutiny as she prepares to be vetted as a leading vice-presidential contender.

With a police force in Minneapolis that has long faced accusations of racism and complaints of abuse, Ms. Klobuchar declined to bring charges against multiple police officers who were involved in shootings during her seven-year tenure. Instead she often opted to send cases to a grand jury, a common practice at the time but one that some law enforcement experts say favors police officers.

Not a great look, Amy.

Maybe even worse than the story about her throwing office supplies at her staffers.


She did.


Yeah, we do too.

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