AlphaTauri better than Red Bull?

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Bridgestone’s former tyre expert does see a problem with Red Bull. ”For Max it was just a mission without a chance, but that gap to Bottas isn’t his fault. AlphaTauri now has a better chassis than Red Bull and you can tell from the behaviour of the car that they have a problem with the suspension”.

According to Van de Grint, it’s not surprising that Alexander Albon doesn’t achieve the same with the car as Verstappen. ”The behaviour of the car is just very unpredictable and if your talent is a little less then you have a very difficult time. You need extraordinary talent to perform in such a car”, concludes Van de Grint.

Prior to the weekend in Sochi everyone agreed that the chances for Red Bull Racing and Verstappen were very small. The Dutchman had never been on the podium here before and had just had two races in which he had dropped out.

However, Max Verstappen was back on the podium after two dramatic races last weekend. The Dutchman made an impression, with his qualification and race during the Russian Grand Prix.


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