Albon also not understood by Verstappen: ‘You can expect this with Gasly’

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Alexander Albon did not exactly impress with his performance this weekend. First he drove off the wing of Daniil Kvyat and then he didn’t pass Pierre Gasly. Max Verstappen thinks it’s belong to him.

Albon is under increasing pressure at Red Bull Racing and at the Nürburgring the Thai has not been able to take that pressure away. In qualifying he lost another half second on Verstappen, but in the race it only got worse. Especially the moment he shouts over the on-board radio that they (the AlphaTauri drivers) are racing so hard against him, Albon is blamed.

The duel with Albon

With the Peptalk programme, this moment is also brought forward in conversation with Verstappen, who will give his opinion. ”Yes, this is to be expected if you race with Gasly. He (Albon) has taken over the seat from Pierre, so it is logical that he will make it difficult for him. Pierre certainly doesn’t have to let him get ahead of him either”, said Verstappen.

As a Red Bull driver, however, Verstappen also knows that the duels between the two teams are normally not so hard that it ends in damage, as was the case with Kvyat. ”Of course we leave each other alive and that didn’t happen between Alex and Daniil. Normally we look out for each other a bit more”, concludes Verstappen.


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