Akon set to launch one cryptocurrency for all 54 African states in 2020

Published by Cyber Flows on

When the news broke that, Akon is building a real-life “Wakanda” city in Africa which will operate an economy that depends highly on cryptocurrency, many thought the use of his brand name cryptocurrency AKOIN will be limited to this city.

However, the musician targets a much wider usage scope. In a post, Akon clears all doubts by revealing that, the much talked about currency will cover all the 54 states of Africa, unlike the initial thoughts. He added that the currency forms a part of a larger ecosystem that comprises of AKOIN tokens, AKOIN digital wallet, integrated and decentralized crypto apps.

The currency according to his statement, is purported to target several ongoing issues in Africa, ranging from instability and inflation and also stimulate the growth of young entrepreneurs.

He also disclosed plans to establish legitimate partnerships with selected brands to support the AKOIN as a valid cryptocurrency.

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