AI Powered Crypto Trading Bots Bring INSANE 500%+ Profits – Start Running YOUR OWN In 30 Minutes Or Less…

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You may already use trading bots, if so, you already know why you’re using them – head on over to Pionex and check out the ones that come built in to the exchange! Or continue reading our Pionex Review if you’re wondering why we’re saying this.

For those who may have looked at starting to run a bot and though it would be easy, but were scared away by complex settings you still need to decide – it’s time to try again!

There’s no experience needed with Pionex, you can set the bot to be managed by trained AI…

You just need to press start! The their performance is impressive.

Pionex is the first exchange that’s all about bots, so you don’t ‘connect a bot’ to the exchange – they come built in.

They’re based in Singapore and doing around $30 million in daily volume.  Bots don’t work well if an order is sitting on the books for a long time, so for liquidity they actually integrate seamlessly with multiple other exchanges.

But what’s impressed me the most is how they perform when you put in pretty much zero effort and run them using the exchanges settings.  They even launched with a promotion where if any user had losses running their bots, “users keep the profits, we take the loss” – this is what caught my eye, you don’t see exchanges offering to pay your losses very often (or ever).

Bots you can launch right now, literally…

Their AI powered bots can run on a variety of coins.  Some of their best crypto trading bot strategies  at the time of publishing this Pionex review include:

SMK token and selecting their AI to manage it is the top of them all, with 1237% returns for users!

ZEC trading with the bot and their AI strategy is pulling in a huge 752%!

And ALGO, also with AI chosen, brings in a nice 450%

Letting their ‘AI Strategy’ do the work can bring some insane returns…

Of course, if you’re the kind of trader that stays focused on the top coins, the BTC bot will still get you 158% and ETH 275%.

However, both of these have 3x leverage options!  So that’s something to consider, since the highest returns belong to altcoins, you need to decide if that is better than a more stable long term coin like BTC or ETH especially since you can 3X them. While 158% return on BTC seems low, that becomes 474% when you leverage it.

Also worth mentioning, bots do a lot of trades so exchange fees matter – Pionex has kept theirs a very low  fee of 0.05%. Since the bots are integrated in the exchange, their only profit are these trading fees, so in a way this is a free crypto trading bot. The community is strong as well, and from their site you’ll be able to check out the pionex reddit.

So, we’re definitely recommending our readers check them out at

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