Adam Jedlinski

Recently Adam Jedliński and Mariusz Lange climbed to Aconcagua, the highest peak of Andes as an expedition FutureNet GreatChallenge. Adam Jedliński is one of the leaders at FutureNet. Thanks to the company he made his dream come true. Two weeks took Adam and his team to reach the highest top of the world outside Asia. One more time FutureNet showed that for us everything is possible. You can achieve whatever you want in your life.
The whole preparation for the expedition took few months. It started with physical preparation. The way began with the Chopin airport in Warsaw to Santiago. Later the bus took them to Mandoza where they spend two days organising all kind of documents. Than in Hercones the first stage of the expedition started. The first camp was in Confluencia after nine hours of walk. There they were adapting to new weather conditions. After that Adam and Mariusz were walking 18 kilometres to the main base in Plaza de Mulas on 4350 m.a.s.l. There they got all their equipment and had medical check and got permission to go to the pick. Next seven days were enormous effort and a big fight with the weather. Adam and Mariusz were climbing from base to base and finally on the 13th of February they reached the peak.

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