A New Book Brings Melania Trump Into (Slightly) Better Focus

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To the Secret Service, he is “Mogul” and she is “Muse.” Donald J. Trump and Melania Knauss met in Manhattan in 1998 and married seven years later. He was a real estate guy and she had curb appeal.

In a new book about Melania Trump’s life, “The Art of Her Deal,” the Washington Post reporter Mary Jordan suggests Melania kept her mogul’s flickering interest by being an apt pupil of his literary output, which now runs to nearly 20 titles.

In “The Art of the Comeback” (1997), written with Kate Bohner, Trump said about women: “There is high maintenance. There is low maintenance. I want no maintenance.” Melania took notes.

She is a sphinx, with a rubber eraser in place of a tail. She didn’t keep friends as she moved through the stages of her life: her childhood in the former Yugoslavia, her years as a model in Milan, Paris and New York. There were no bridesmaids at her wedding. She has declined to talk about her past except in generalities. She is so camera-ready at all moments that a friend tells the author, “I don’t even know if she goes to the bathroom.”

Source: nytimes.com

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