A Group of Crypto Enthusiasts Presents CoinJoy — A New Project

Published by Cyber Flows on

In January 2019, a new project — CoinJoy — was launched. CoinJoy is a user-friendly cryptocurrency news aggregator with a news searching feature and an option of filtering the sources. 

“We launched our site as a news aggregator, but we are actively working on its functionality and plan to add news filters and develop a portfolio in the near future.” — says the CEO of CoinJoy. “After all, the aggregator is just the beginning! We want to give people a convenient tool for monitoring their assets.”

CoinJoy will soon expand to a full-fledged tool for managing your crypto routine. Users will be able to set up their СoinJoy profile in such a way that it will display news only from their favorite resources, and they will also be able to manage their crypto portfolio — all in one place. 

In addition, there is already a media section on the CoinJoy website. You can find different articles on the crypto topics and watch weekly news videos from the СoinJoy YouTube channel and much more. 

The main goal of the project is to simplify the life of those who are interested in cryptocurrency and to provide the most useful tools for effective work. 

CoinJoy is a team of crypto enthusiasts who want to help users manage their crypto routine and make it more convenient and fun. Let’s see what happens next! 

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