2nd place for FutureNet Maribor in the Slovenian Cup in futsal

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FutureNet Maribor finished on the 2nd place in the final tournament of the Slovenian Cup in futsal. Our team scored the silver medal.

The final tournament was held on March 2-3, 2019, in the sports hall in Sportna Dvorana Podcertek, Slovenia. Four teams met on the pitch: FC Dobovec, FutureNet Maribor, KNM Bronx Skofije and FC Litija. In the semi-final, FutureNet Maribor beat KMN Bronx Skofije and FC Dobovec outscored FC Litija 7:1. As you can seen, teams which are the strongest in this season of Slovenian futsal extraleague confirmed their domination also in the Cup.

Before the final match of the Slovenian Cup, both teams had a draw-back in league matches. In the autumn of 2018 FutureNet Maribor defeated FC Dobovec, and a few weeks ago our team lost for the first time this season with FC Dobovec. Therefore, the final meeting was an opportunity to improve their statistics against the most dangerous rival.

FC Dobovec won the final trophy, beating FutureNet Maribor 3:1. Klemens Duscak, Kristijan Cujec and Ziga Cech scored for the winners, and Uros Kroflic hit the only goal for FutureNet Maribor.

Now it’s time to start the final part of the season in the Slovenian futsal league. There’s a great chance for FutureNet Maribor to reach the grande finale also in the league.

Semi final of Slovenian Cup in futsal: FutureNet Maribor – KMN Bronx Skofije 6:0. The great finale: FC Dobovec – FutureNet Maribor 3:1

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