2200 BTC Moved by Whale as Bitcoin Net Inflows Rises to $109 Million

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In the last few hours, about 2200 BTC was moved by a Bitcoin whale to an unknown wallet, Whale Alert bot can confirm.

The ever-vigilant blockchain platform that keeps people abreast of huge transactions in the crypto space, Whale Alert, has just declared the transfer of about $21 million (2,198 BTC) from an OKEx account into an unknown wallet.

The transaction was executed at exactly 09:49:35 UTC today, May 19, to an anonymous wallet with address bc1qtknj8f3ytly5tx0y***********************.

75 Million USDT Transferred from Houbi Exchange

Similarly, Whale Alert reported that someone conducted three consecutive USDT transactions of equal amount within 3 minutes. The three transactions were performed on the Ethereum blockchain network.

In each of the transactions, 25 million USDT was moved from Houbi exchange to an unknown wallet. The three transactions were conducted via the same wallet with address – 0x6748f50f686bfbca6fe8ad62b22228b87f31ff2b.

In the last few weeks, there have been records of an increase in the usage of USDT token by investors as a safe haven against the volatile state of the market.

Bitcoin Net Inflow Rises to $109 Million

Even though the Bitcoin price remains around the $9,000 level, there seems to be an increase in its adoption rate from across the globe from individuals to institutional investors. The high expectations of people coupled with the lasting economic crisis, made many see Bitcoin as a safe haven.

Example of such is the prominent US writer JK Rowling who recently enquired about Bitcoin. While she later accepted that she now feels fully educated about Bitcoin, she may have been thinking about investing in the asset as against the demeaning state of the world economy.

In a report issued by Coinness today, Bitcoin topped the crypto net inflows in the industry with over $109 million entering the space in the last 10 hours.

Coinness related that Bitcoin saw an inflow of $109.69 million, followed by Etheruem and Bitcoin Cash which both had $12.80 million net inflows within the same period.

Source: newslogical.com

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