15 Reasons Why F1 Is Keeping Quiet About Michael Schumacher’s Condition

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Since his skiing accident in 2013, no one really knows much about Michael Schumacher’s condition. Here’s why F1 might be keeping quiet about it.

Michael Schumacher is one of the greatest racing drivers we have ever seen. Not just in Formula 1 but in every racing series. His record of 91 wins, 68 pole positions, and 7 world titles is an unbelievable achievement. Only Lewis Hamilton has surpassed the pole record and stands a good chance at beating the other two as well.

Sadly, since his skiing accident in 2013, no one really knows what has happened to Michael. Nobody has any idea what condition he is in nor how he has been since the accident. Details have been sketchy and scarce, at best. However, there are good reasons for keeping that all a secret. And here are 15 reasons F1 and his family is keeping quiet about Michael Schumacher and his condition.

15 Family Privacy

Respecting the privacy of the family is perhaps the biggest reason for not finding out what condition Michael is in. It’s the best way forward for not only him, but his wife and kids. Their lives will have been difficult enough, without everybody in the world constantly asking for how he is and what condition he is in.

14 Preserving His Legacy

Preserving Schumacher’s legacy is another great reason to not reveal the condition that the 7-time world champion is in. Because a lot of us still remember him as the all-conquering driver in the scarlet red Ferrari, and that is how all of his fans and all of racing’s fans will want to remember him for.

13 No One Knows What Has Happened

Nobody is really quite sure what has happened to Michael since he had the accident, way back in 2013. In fact, since he left the induced coma, details have been incredibly sketchy. You hear things now and again, but nothing that you could believe as fact, as they never seem to come from official sources.

12 Do The Fans Really Want To Know?

This is a pretty big question to ask. Do any of us racing fans really want to know what condition he is in. I personally do not want to know. I think it is best for everyone involved that the state Michael is in is best-kept secret from us all. It’s best for us all.

11 It Will Stop Further Speculation

Keeping the condition that Michael is in might mean speculation is rife. But even so, we still think that the speculation would continue should we find out how he is. People will then ask what it means for the rest of his life, those around him, and how good his quality of life is in such a condition.

10 It Will Put Further Pressure On His Son

Mick is Michael’s son, and he has had an interesting couple of years recently, thanks to a dominant performance in the European Formula 3 in 2018. He stepped up to Formula 2 last year and is preparing for a title charge in 2020. F1 is probably the ultimate goal, and he is already under enough pressure thanks to his family name, without further talk about his father.

9 People Remember Him For Who He Was

This is one of the biggest reasons for keeping his condition under wraps. There are people worldwide, fans, friends and former colleagues, who remember Michael in a certain way. They will surely want to keep that positive memory of him as their last one and not find out what his life is like as of 2020.

8 It Helps Prevent People Trying To Sneak Photos

There have been reports in recent years that people have tried to sneak photos of Michael at his home in Switzerland. Heck, helicopters have even been hired to fly low over his house and sneak a picture. And frankly, we see this problem only intensifying if the public finds out what condition he is in. It’s best that these people never know.

7 They Could Be Waiting For The Right Time

There is also the possibility that the family and those around Schumacher are simply waiting for the right time for us to know. Maybe he is recovering, and they are waiting for a suitable moment. Or perhaps there is never going to be a good time. We simply don’t know, and perhaps it’s best that way.

6 He Might Be Unrecognizable To Us Fans

This is another reason why we probably shouldn’t know about his condition. There is the chance he is now simply unrecognizable to us, as a human and driver. I don’t think anyone would want to feel that way about an icon of motorsport. At least this way, we remember him as the great who raced some of the best laps in the history of F1.

5 F1 Wants To Honor Him In Other Ways

There are of course other ways we can keep Michael’s legacy alive and honor him in the best way possible. A museum was recently opened, dedicated to Michael’s career, and Ferrari has also held a display on his career at the Scuderia. These are probably the best ways in which we can honor Michael Schumacher.

4 It Takes The Focus Away From His Wife

Keeping the condition of Michael hidden may also help to take some of the focus away from his wife, Corina. Because that focus has subsided as the years have gone on as we accept we may never know what Michael is like, but it could get worse for her and the family should that condition be revealed to the world.

3 Ferrari Knows Best How To Honor Him

Ferrari is probably the team that can honor Michael in the best way possible. Let’s not forget, five of his seven world titles came with that team, and we saw the dominance that the team and driver had over the competition from 2000 to 2004, particularly in 2002 and 2004. This team knows what it takes to honor a legend.

2 Only A Select Few Should Be Allowed To Know

Only certain people should really be allowed to know what condition Michael is in. There is, of course, the family, who will no doubt see him more than others. And there is probably a select group of friends who will be able to see him and visit him with the blessings of the family.

1 It’s None Of Our Business

This is the big one. At the end of the day, it isn’t up for us to decide if we should see what condition he is in or whether we should even have the right to that. It’s none of our business. His and his family’s privacy should simply be respected, and for Michael to live as peaceful a life as possible.

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